Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In!

Well, I say snowed in....I've just chose to be! Although I went to get my van all scraped off for piano lessons and just gave up. So far we've not fit our van into the to riding mower and motorcycle, will probably be spring. Anyhow. Thought it would't take that long. van was covered in ice underneath all the snow. So, Nathan's truck was all warm from work and he was going to take me....that wasn't working either since his truck decided to get stuck and do nothing but spin in the ice!! It was nice of the neighbors though. Several of the guys came out and pulled him out! They were all very nice and that was a chance to meat them. However, I didn't make my lesson but the truck is un-stuck for now! His 4-Wheel drive is broke or he would in perfect shape!
I did make cinnamon rolls though. Nothing better to do (at least I think so) than smell something wonderful baking when you're all snowed in. Not like we needed it, since I've been trying to cut back on all the bread and sweets but they sure were good! Probably the best yet!!:)
The kids had check-ups this week. They are all healthy and I really like their new Doctor a lot! He was great. Savannah is way taller and heavier than most kids her age. And Spencer is small than average!! So.....we got both sides to deal with!!
I've tried to enjoy this week a little more and not get so caught up in our "house-jobs!" I did the finishing touches on the wallpapering in the kitchen and finished the painting completely downstairs. So I can rest somewhat now!! It still has quite a few finish work to do. But that all comes with time! We are loving it. We feel ver blessed to be here!
Our church is doing great! We are enjoying it very much and can't wait till springtime! Our attendance is staying right up there and we are expecting the best to come. Our church body is very special. I even had a man stop by today to see if I needed anything from the grocery since I was snowed in!!:) How nice of him. I feel like everyone tries to think of each other and that's very nice.
Well, I must head off to bed. The kids are sound asleep. I think Spencer may be getting a little sick...Later

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