Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Windy Wednesday

The high winds have been terrible today. Also the heavy rain! It's getting rather chilly out and someone mentioned snow tonigh:( Hope not!
Everything is going great here in Loogootee. Just keeping busy with life! Spencer turns 2 yrs old Friday! I ask him how old he is and he says "I'm five!" And just laughs.....he knows he's joking. He's talking so much lately and repeats anything Savannah says! They both had a fun night tonight. They got Valentine boxed filled with candy from their Wednesday night teacher. They were pretty hiper let me tell ya!
I am battling a bladder infection which I had to get treated for today, so I've been having back pain and just feeling a little crummy.......guess I will be downing the water like crazy!
I have been doing a little more "remodling" this week. Nathan came home from work Monday and I had the hallway stripped from the carpet all the way down to the hardwood! The carpet sadly wasn't all that old, but dogs were in the house and it reaked of dog:( which I can't stand. But I didn't know that there was 4 different layers under the carpet! I worked my little self to death, but I got it done! My goal was to get to the hardwood in hopes of just restoring that, which is in the bathroom and the spare room. But I don't see that happening now....the floor is quite the mess underneath...the old vynol is stuck stuck stuck to the hardwood. But we shall see. As Dora the Explorer says, we will do it "Little, by little, by little"!ha
Church is going great. We had a good bible study tonight. I think we all got something from it. I am quite proud of my Nathan for all he's doing. He's doing quite the good job, which I always invisioned he could do!! I love you babe! You are a good husband and daddy.
Well, so much for tonight. I must be off to bed before long!! Last night Savannah woke me up a million times....she's scared of rain or any type of outside activity that has noise. So between that and pottying, I was more up than down:( But oh well, I guess I should just love it all while I can:)

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