Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally a little snow!!

My kids were excited to look out the window again and see some snow!! They are really wanting to get in it, but I guess I'm a bad mom.....I really don't want to mess with it! But...we'll see. I would really like a big snow though!
Things are going very well down here in Loogootee. Our church is doing wonderful! We are seeing new things all the time, new faces, new teens, new ways of doing things, and the Lord brought us back a new (old) piano player!! She used to be the pianist for years and has returned to us and we are SOOOO thankful. IT was a complete answer to all of our prayers!! We are just seeing things happen right before our eyes and are just stunned. As our Liz says, "God, you did it again"! She's quite a live-wire and gets me tickled on how she talks about what God's doing in their lives. This family hasn't been saved all that long and it blows me away how strong they believe. It's sooooo exciting and refreshing. So, things are only getting better here in Loogootee. We are loving every moment.
The kids are doing good. Spencer has a birthday in less than a month...he'll be 2! He's quite funny but yet a lot more shy than Savannah ever was!!
Well so long for now. Need to see what's next for the day. Have a great week!

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