Friday, December 26, 2008

Flu on Christmas?! What fun!

Today we are at Aunt Rachel's. We came Christmas Eve night along with Grandpa and Grandma and Jon & Aytha. Yesterday we had a fun Christmas day opening presents, eating, and just being together! Until last night when Savannah out of nowhere threw up all over me!! And thus, we were also up a lot in the night. But it doesn't end there. Grandma also woke up with the "bug" and Aunt Aytha has been sleeping most of the afternoon. So, joy oh joy, let's just hope and pray it doesn't keep spreading!! Other than that it's been a great Christmas and we are heading home tonight. Tomorrow is Christmas with my family. Maybe, unless I'm in bed!
I don't know when we'll ever discover phone service or internet, although they are in process of being hooked up.......hopefully within the next week!! Everything else has been going quite well at our new place! We had good crowds out on Christmas Sunday and also for our Candlelight Service Tuesday night! It was beautiful and we had several new visitor's, at least new to us!! And we are seeing more and more teens come back which is an answer to prayer!! Things seem to be looking brighter all the time for our Church. We are enjoying in to the fullest and feel that
s exactly where we need to be!!
Our house is also coming along, we just need to paint the quest bedroom and bath. It looks quite a lot better! We are enjoying the big house and are hoping to do more entertaining now that the painting is done and we are feeling a little more put together!:)
Well, I'm using Aunty Rachel's computer, so I need to sign off for now. Happy New Year to everyone!!

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