Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Are Up And Running Once Again!!

After weeks full of moving, packing and unpacking....painting, organizing (or at least trying) and everything else, we are up and kicking again! It took a while to get phone service and dsl all hooked up again but that was ok. It doesn't hurt anyone to be without internet for a while. Life still goes on and you just find other things to do! We are glad to have it though, since it's a great tool to find teaching materials with and etc. It will definitely be a help to find Junior Church stories, etc.! And Nathan likes it for youth outreach ideas and preaching material. Anyhow!! Life is going great down here in Loogootee IN! We are loving it very much. We have fallen in love with the people here and God is with us in our services. We have seen several new faces in and out of our services already. There have been several teens come back and we are thankful for that!! There's much to be done and at times we feel so young and unexperienced! But we just want God to help us and that's all we can do I guess!
I have pictures of our house and church, I just need to get more inside photos loaded! The house is huge compared to what we've been used to since being married!! It's very lovely and we are trying to make it even lovelier by painting, and eventially the old hardwood floors (in the kitchen, quest bedroom and bath) WILL be re-done!!! That is proclamation by Telesa.:) I love hardwood floors and pretty much all the original house has hardwood. I really hope my hubby takes heed to that. (hint hint dear)
I can't believe Christmas is over and a new year has begun!! We are expecting great things this new year!
Savannah and Spencer had a great Christmas with both sides of family. Spencer was much more involved with Christmas this year!! Last year he was just a baby. And of course Savannah is the center of the show!! She loved all the "dress-up" clothes. The night after getting all her presents before she went to sleep I prayed with her and we thanked God for all her presents. I explained to her that there were other little girls out there who would really love to have presents but don't have nice toys like we get! I really think she was thankful in her little girl heart!!:)
We are blessed with quite a few young people and kids at church. The teens put on a play and did a great job!! We have quite the actors!! And there's around 15 or so for Junior Church every Sunday morning so we are excited about them!!
Well, enough for now. It's good to be back and blogging!

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Rachel said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you finally got all the phone stuff straightened out. Happy New Year!