Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's really me again! I did something extremely stupid several weeks ago and tried a new phone provider. Needless to say, it didn't work with our computer. In the process, it shut down our Internet provider (which I didn't know would happen) and of course we lost our current provider. (at&t) I then went back to at&t, but it took forever to get switched over again. And even longer to get back on with our internet provider. So DON'T try Vonage unless you are 100% sure it is compatible with your homes technology. I was out of a phone for at least 2 weeks and way longer without Internet. I was just talking to Nathan on the phone about our dsl that was scheduled to be on today and plugged everything in right and .......tada! My internet was finally working!! So thus, I can finally blog again and get caught up with ya'all.
Things have been pretty busy. Church activities, babysitting, watching my kids every day......and the list goes on. Today is beautiful! I just spent the morning taking the kids to the park. We played, walked trails, took lot's of pictures, and finished with a picnic. It was very nice.
I now own my own Toyota Sienna Van. We got it last week. Has less miles than ours and I really like the way it drives. We are in the process of selling our van and have a buyer. I will post pic's later.
I also have a piano to play now. It's really old and kinda rough, but it's still a Wurlitzer. I got it really cheap at our Church School auction this past Saturday. Saturday was a busy day with the auction, etc. That evening we went to a restaurant here in town where my brother Aaron played with a bluegrass group. They did a good job and the place was packed!
This week I am babysitting. Keeps my hopping with 3 kids. I feel like all I get done is feed kids all day. It was a challenge keeping all 3 of them together at the park but it was actually really fun.
Well, I will be posting pictures later. Right now my kids just laid down for naps and I'm gonna go weed-eat!!hee Hey, the guys seem to miss that part all too often. The weeds are what looks so trashy!! That's if I can get the weed-eater to start, etc. If not, I may just get some sun! It's very sunny. Later...........

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