Monday, June 23, 2008

Beautiful Monday

It's very lovely out today. So far the day is going well. I have cleaned out the kid's closet and put old clothes in totes that need to be stored away for the next child, but not for a good longggggg while. So their closet now looks a lot less cluttered! I didn't realize how fast Savannh's feet are growing, but I had to tote away almost all of her shoes.
Thankfully, we are finally over our sickness of the stomach/flu bug. Savannah had it all week last week and I ended up with it twice. It feels good to feel normal again.
Youth Camp is next week. Nathan is gearing up to take a load of youth. They are all pretty excited! He will be a team leader! I will be going some, but not for the whole thing with the kids. Maybe some day!
Nathan was pretty excited Saturday morning with he came home from garage saling with a free Crafstman riding lawn mower with all the bagging extra's at that! It runs and is very clean! Just an older model. So thus, he may make a few bucks. He will also be busy this week with mowing lawns for a guy he works with. His buddy is going to a youth camp and he has a mowing business. So thus....a few more extra bucks! He's doing pretty good with extra luck these days. He mowed extra lawns for someone else last week, so that brought some extra as well.
Church was very good yesterday. Bro. Taylor spoke last night and always does a great job. He spoke passionatley on the Scripture about the devil desiring to have us. It was very good. Thought provoking. He doesn't care if it's holiness people or just regular heathens out on the street, he will try anything and everything to get us. And it normally starts with the small things that seem so ok. Anyhow. It spoke to my heart. So there's my little devotional for the day.
Well, hope you'all have a good week. I'm off to clean the inside of my van while the kids are asleep. Later.........

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Tricia Grissom said...

I have a LOVELY 4th of July decorating idea!!!! :o) Hand streamers from the church chandelers! hee hee!!! I'm wanting to get together some Friday in July - I can just schedule myself to be off - any suggestions?