Thursday, July 24, 2008

Glad tomorrow is finally Friday. I am pretty tired after babysitting all week, which has included potty training Chloe. She's doing really good wearing her panties:)! It's been beautiful out these past few days. We've spent lots of time outside. The kids love playing in their little pool.
I was going to post some pictures but Nathan has the camera tonight. He went fishing with some guys from church. He had off today since he has to work all day Saturday. But he's been gone since this afternoon. He did get my day started pretty well though: He left and came back with roses and donuts for me. (my favorite, apple fritter) And also the things to fix my front screen door. I did have it ducked-taped! And also, there is hope for the little weed-eater that's just my size! Nathan worked on it today and it's running!!hee So, thanks babe for all of these things. The roses are beautiful and will make my whole week go great! Oh yeah!! Annnddddd, he also upgraded my stereo system in the van. Very nice!! Our other radio was shot and it was already driving me nuts! This one sounds very good and looks good too. No junkie from walmart! He actually had it installed professionally to where it fits right in to the old one and looks as if it belongs there. And the cool thing....It comes out in a "snap" so it won't be stolen. (which reminds me...I need to go lock the van, NOW) ok. After getting my double stroller stolen, I'm sure the peeps are snooping for more goodies.
Anyhow. So it's been a good day. Just tired from keeping up with kids.....all day, no break. Hey, the other night I did get out for maybe an hour by myself! Oh well. One of these days I will wake up and they'll be all grown up!! Spencer got a hair-cut today (by me) and it's short!!
Well, gotta go. Telesa

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