Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Cloudy Day!!

Think we'll ever have steady sunshine?? I'm beginning to wonder!:) Hope you'all had a great Memorial Day weekend. We had a nice weekend. Sunday afternoon we went to Nathan's Aunt's house to visit with his side of the family. It was a nice day that day and we were outside. Savannah had fun learning to fish by the pond...with much assistance. She "had" to do it "herself" though. Her and Spencer laughed and laughed whenever Caleb or one of the guys would catch a fish. Spencer loved it!! They put the fish in a bucket and when the fish would move around they just howled!!:) It was too cute.
Monday afternoon my brother Aaron and his wife Jill came up for the afternoon/evening. We enjoyed the day by going to Gray Brothers. Yum, yum. It's sooooo good. We went to a few stores and then just had some fun visiting at home.
Today, it's back to work! I am also babysitting Clhoe today. I have had her a few days here and there since he told me I wouldn't have her anymore, do to him trying to not pay child support. Looks like her Mother isn't responsible enough to get up and take care of her. Savannah loves playing with her. So hopefully we'll have her more. Probably full time again soon if things don't work out with her Mother.
We are having a yard sale this Saturday. It's the annual Hwy 40 sales this weekend. It goes for miles and miles! The last year we had a sale we almost sold everything. We already have quite the stack in our living room.....including a hutch we picked up out of someones trash at Nathan's aunts addition! It's actually a wine rack. Plus, a collection from Nathan's dad! Although I am keeping the porcelain "Clown" collection and the Tupperware.........and-Nathan has quite the "stuff" to sell from his garage!! Oh, by the way-----Nathan bought a big tent and screen-room at a garage sale Saturday, both for $4. They are like brand new!
We are getting our van fixed. It should be done by Wednesday. I will be very glad.
All my kids are sleeping right now. It's blessed quietness at the moment. So, maybe I can get some more scrap booking done......:)

Oh! Did I tell you I got my really, nice, double-stroller stolen out of my van? Don't know if it was here or in a parking lot, but it's gone. And they didn't even get all the nice attachments that go with it. I was pretty aggravated. What nerve?! It probably happened here at home because our neighbors have had people bother their vehicles before, too. That just makes me feel great. Wonder what else they would like to have??!

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