Monday, June 2, 2008

Well, our weekend was kinda crazy. Fun and busy! Saturday morning we went to look at a couch off of craigslist/ it was what I was hoping for so now I have a new couch! It's brown leather and the style that I liked. I was pretty happy to get rid of my old couch! An older couple came and took it. They were driving by and was so excited since they were looking for a couch for their basement, for their grandkids. It was a teller at our bank, so we knew who she was! I got half my money back on it....only paid $40 bucks for it to begin with!!hee I'm fixing on getting a new table and chairs as well. There's been this set on craigslist (luv craigslist!!) that I've eyed for awhile now. I talked to her today and I may be getting her down to half price of what she was asking for that, too!! Pretty proud of my bargaining lately!!:) It's a wrought iron frame on the legs and under the table and also a hutch with the cast iron look. It would go great with my kitchen decorations. So....we shall see. She is not going to sell it until next week till I can see it.
We are headed to family camp this week....probably tomorrow or Wednesday. So far our camper still needs the propane tanks on it, etc. I cleaned it and stocked it with what I could today. It's very small is the only thing, but at least it's better than musty camp rooms!! I only have one huge problem with it though.......SPIDERS. They are hiding under the curtains and chairs. I already seen 2 big black gross ones, and that was enough for me. I sprayed enough "Ortho Max" in it to kill us all!! I will not do a camper full of spiders. No way....I'll sleep in the van first. ha Or else standing up, which could be interesting.ha Anyhow. So today was a very busy day full of packing. I didn't realize how many clothes I have to take for 4 people! I'm sure we will enjoy camp though. It will be worth camping it out for a week. I just hope and pray the kids get to feeling better soon. Spencer has his old couch again. He gets it so easy with any type of cold. It very croupy sounding. He wasn't hardly coughing until after his nap today and he has literally coughed none-stop. Hopefully cough medicine will get him through the night. I may take him to the doctors just to be safe. It could be another ear infection and I definitely don't want a sick baby all week. Savannah has it a little bit.
Saturday night was quite the excitement! We got to see what it would be like having 4 kids instead of just 2. A guy Nathan works with at the shop asked us to watch his 2 little girls. (4yrs. and 6 months) Only for a couple hrs. we thought, but it ended up being all night. (he did ask of course) Marriage problems involved. Felt very sorry for the kids. The baby cried some and I felt so bad for her. And the 4 yr. old cried and said she was scared when we tried to put her to sleep! Nathan sung her to sleep, which was sweet. The baby woke up several times at night. The next morning I told Nathan, that it was not a pretty sound to be hearing again!! I can wait a few more yrs. to hear that wonderful sound wake me up during a deep sleep.! Anyhow, we made it!!
Needless to say, I haven't got to catch my breath all weekend, or today. I am completely exhausted and feel like I don't feel well either. Need to sleep!! Hopefully Spencer can rest well tonight, too.
Wasn't those storms bad on Friday night?? There was a tornado here on the east side of Indy. Destroyed an apartment complex and a bunch of the area. Places are out of power maybe until next week as well. Crazy. It was very nasty out and it lasted so very long. Savannah didn't like it one bit. She had to sleep in our room!! Spencer doesn't care, he sleeps right through it!
Well, gotta go for tonight!!

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