Monday, May 19, 2008

Another rainy day!

This morning started out very beautiful and sunny! This afternoon turned dreary and rainy. I am glad to say that my husband arrived home this morning safe and sound. His bike it broke down, due to him having a blown out tire. Thankfully that happened not far from his sister's house last night. It could have been deadly if it happened on all those curves. I guess he enjoyed his trip though. That will be the last one at least for a long, long time as far as I'm concerned! It scares me too much. I am glad he is home though.
We had a good weekend with my Mom and Dad here. Saturday my mom and I went to 2 community garage sales! We have sooooooooo many garage sales around here it's totally crazy, but so much fun! We found a few bargains. We bought a trash bag full of barbies, which was the deal of the day! They were mostly all clothed, too. And real barbies. $4 for the whole bag full! Savannah is still in second heaven!!
Well, I gotta run. Spend some time with Nathan that I haven't done in a few, long days.

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