Monday, April 14, 2008

Today is going really well for a Monday! The kids are playing well. I have dinner on the stove. (Beef Stew and homemade cheddar/garlic biscuits)
The pictures I added today are quite cute. Spencer now brushes his teeth and he loves it! We brush teeth every night before going to bed and the rule is: only water after we brush out teeth and throughout the night! It's funny cause Savannah says,"Just water" when she wants a drink after brushing her teeth! I don't really want my kid's teeth gettin cavities they don't need.
Savannah loves her dolls....especially those 3 in the picture. "Little Mommy" dolls. And I didn't put her dolls in the order she's holding them! This is how I found her!
The Saturday picture of Nathan and Spencer is how we like to spend our evenings sometimes....just sitting together, playing with the kids, etc. Some people may think we are weird cause we don't really like to go out much and spend money, etc. but all those things just make you feel worse after spending the money. Although we did go out to eat with his family in Noblesville earlier that day. That was something special though. We don't do that every weekend. I think time as a family is pretty important. I think that's one of the biggest reasons so many of our families have lost their older children from our way. Once they grow up, they just get tired of the business of the way our lives are lived to much in the church-world. It's church services, places to go, meetings....and Daddy's never home. I think we've got to keep that family together-time to keep our kids. There's more to religion than just church alone!! In fact, most of our religion should be played out at home and that has to happen with togetherness. Anyhow! Just rambling!
Well, I must go for now. I'm starving and wish my hubby would get home from his work day. He's been helping out Bro. Dodrill at his car lot and other things. We are pretty thankful for such kindness and Nathan really enjoys it. His umemployment is still not corrected as of this morning. I am to my wits end with it! We've done all we have been told to correct the problems! I guess I'm gonna have to sent Nathan down to speak to them in person, which I know he won't do. He seems to not mind we aren't getting the money we should. Makes me mad!!hee Believe me, I will concure this problem though!!
Ok. Gotta go! Later, Telesa


Constance said...

I loved the pics. Sorry to hear about the unemployment checks. What a pain! Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, It keeps a window open at grandma's house.

Love Ya,