Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was pretty good. Yesterday we met up with Nathan's parents and sister to see her son put on a Science thing at the highschool in Noblesville, IN. After the event, we went out to eat there in Noblesville as a family. We didn't get to see each other too long, but Grandma and Grandpa got to see their grandkids, so I'm sure the day was great for them!!
We sold 2 vehicles this week. It's a hot spot for selling vehicles where we live, since we are right on Hwy 40!
This week is my week to babysit again! Oh joy! The first part of the week goes pretty good, but after awhile they start fighting, etc.! It takes lot's of patience!
Today we had quite the time with Spencer in church. Little guy is not wanting to sit all!! He was very tired though and he fought me good. I finally just gave him to his Dad and said "Here ya go!" He had him to sleep pretty quite with just a good little "spanking!" Church for me right now is very challenging! Savannah does really well and on Sunday mornings she's starting to go to Junior Church. They said she did really well, so I'm happy for that! Anyhow, Spencer will grow up fast enough and I just might even miss the "nursery trip" Sundays!! Today was just an exception, all the babies were throwing huge fits!! Other than that we had a great Sunday at church! We have several young mothers now and it's always fun getting together with them and connecting in different ways.
Savannah has been so sweet this week. She's played with her babies so well. I will be posting a picture of her playing with her dolls. She has 3 of them that are alike and that's the ones she loves!! She sits all 3 dolls in the recliner and sits down with them!! And she also wants her babies to sleep in THEIR beds beside HER bed at night!!
Well, my hubby is wanting me at the moment! Have a great evening!

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