Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you believe it's raining AGAIN?! The few days of spring weather we've had puts me in the mood for summer weather!! I like the sunshine. Although the rain must be helping Spencer take a longer nap than usual!
This week has been going pretty well. Nathan sold a truck that was given to him by his brother! Posted it on craigslist one night/sold it the next afternoon! Not bad. He's also been working at our pastor's car lot this week, so he's probably in second heaven with all the vehicles he gets to drive!
I did get some painting done the other day! Nathan's study is almost finished. I just touched up some woodwork and touched up a few walls. Only one wall will remain black! I like the colored walls, but I have found that they show marks and finger prints a lot worse. And besides that, I hate to paint!
The kids are doing pretty well. Spencer has been fussy again this week,so he may be getting more teeth? He is such a mommy's boy that at times I wish he wasn't quite so bad. It's because he rarely gets away from me.
Well, I think I am fixing enchiladas for supper. They sound really good and I have all the leftover ingred's to make them, such as leftover fried hamburger! (way to think, huh?!!hee) Everyone have a great evening. Later.........

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