Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This week is going very well so far! Last week was pretty busy with babysitting, plus going to revival all week. I was pretty tired. Yesterday was so beautiful that me and the kids were outside all evening! They had a blast at the park. Savannah cried her eyes out when we had to go! I guess the rest of the week we could be blest with more rain!
Nathan is still laid off. He's getting pretty tired of it! The 'having no paycheck' part is not our favorite! Dave Ramsey's ideas are great to have practiced in these times!!hee It pays off having saved and managed our money for times like these. We also are very blessed to be where we are in the ministry. By the way: we had a good revival last week. Bro. Bruggar is a very good speaker.

Last week Nathan found these office chairs sitting out in someone's driveway. Needless to say, they were brand new chairs. The person worked at Office Max and gets a lot of them. They were 10.00 a chair! Very nice, metal chairs. He bought 2! (just like his dad) But he was rather excited, since he's been needing a better chair. Guess we could use them at our table!hee

Well, the kids are sleeping so I may either clean out the van or work on painting NATHAN'S study. Not my room, not my job, but none the less.......it needs to be done! Aren't I nice?? You all have a great Day.

Oh, by the way. For Constance: Spencer is completely broke from nursing. Since last week one night, it's not even been a problem!! If he gets up at night, I give him a drink and put him back in bed. He has done way better than I ever dreamed and we didn't even have to go through all the fussing. I guess maybe because I did it so gradual? Anyhow, I am thrilled and he's even sleeping better now! ISn't it great?!!ha

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Constance said...

Hey I am proud of you. Isn't it wonderful. Now if we can keep from getting pregnant for awhile, that would be nice:) Talk to you soon.