Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Friday!

This has been one crazy week so far. I've been babysitting all week and have done nothing but restle 3 kids all day long! Chloe leaves around 6:00 and we've been in revival all week. We leave for church around 6:30......and thus the story goes! Spencer is used to going to bed around 8:00 so therefore, he is very fussy and ready to romp at church. Letting Mommy really enjoy the service!!hee Anyhow. IT's Friday and the weekend is almost here!
I wanted a new look for my blog and let my hubby go for it! This is what he came up with. I just now seen it myself! I am impressed. It looks very nice----good job babe! Although I did change the font colors. (men and colors don't always go together!) He had purple against the blue. Sorry honey. It still looks great!
Revival is going very well at church. IT has been a time of encouragment. IT's so nice to just get away and enjoy the presence of God whenever things are crazy at the house!
Nathan is still laid off. He is doing a landscaping job today, which I'm sure he's enjoying getting out of the house!! We've been having a crazy time getting his unemployment to go through. I hope I finally got somewhere with them today. I don't let things go like that, I have to get down to the business, unlike my husband's attitude. He just get's frustrated and wants to forget it. When it comes to money we should be getting, my goodness, I'm gonna do something about it!! hee It was just a few things they needed to fax in that was keeping us from getting his checks. If this doesn't work, I will probably take on my husbands presonality of frustration~!
Another dreary day out there! I'm ready for some nice, SUNNY days!! How about you?!
Well, I will chat later. All my babies (all 3) are currently asleep, which is my time of peace and recollection! .........later!

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Nathan and Tricia said...

I like the new look too!!!!