Sunday, March 30, 2008

This weekend Nathan and I were two different places. He took the youth from church to a weekend youth camp. They go to it every year and it's always very encouraging for the youth and adults! It is still pretty difficult going to these kind of events with our kids being so little. We've found it's a little more work than necessary for the time being, so I sometimes go to my parents while he's away. In a couple of years I'm sure it will be easier to join him. Packing enough stuff for the whole weekend, slopping through the rainy mud, dealing with fussiness, plus "musty" cabin living just isn't my cup of tea with babies!! Although I have been and it's a lot of fun for the teens and very much a place I would recommend!! Anyhow..........we had a nice weekend at my parents. The time always flies by, just as it did this time around! Saturday evening both my brothers (and their wives) were there and we all got to visit. We don't all get to be together a lot anymore it seems. So that was fun! And of course Mom and Dad always enjoy seeing Savannah and Spencer! Spencer was much happier this weekend, since he's finally got his teeth all broke through the skin. He even slept pretty well! (I was thankful!)
I came home this afternoon. Tonight it was quite the surprise to me to see Esther Dotson and her children at church for our 5th Sunday sing!! She has a sweet family and they did a wonderful job singing!! I couldn't get over how much her little boy looks, sings and acts like her brothers!! A smittin' image, even in the way he moves his head when he sings!! It was pretty cute! So I'm very glad I came back for church.
Well, this week is going to be very busy. I babysit and we are starting revival Tuesday. For some reason I had it in my head it was next week. No! It starts in 1 day!! So my blogging may not go very far this week!!
Everyone have a great start to your week!!

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