Thursday, April 17, 2008

My day started out a little after 7:00a.m. Oh Joy! Clhoe's dad have a court hearing for her at 8:00 this morning. He's trying to get custody of her all the time. Kinda sad in one way, cause any little girl needs her mommy. But I don't know her mother, all I know is she looks very bad when he gets her back. At least he could provide a decent living for her. Anyhow, thankfully she went back to sleep and slept until after 9:00!! Me and Savannah started our day much earlier though. Our day is going pretty well so far.
But I am tired, since we had a crazy late night. Nathan's dad is in the hospital. He went in yesterday with chest pain and they think he had a heart attack. Today they are doing extensive testing, hopefully not real serious, but I still don't know. Rachel (nathan's sister) was coming up to her parents last night so Nathan just hitched a ride with her. She picked him up her at home around 11:45pm. She is a nurse in the cardiac unit(at least she used to be?) and so she wanted to make sure he does everything needed to be done. You know men?! So hopefully he will be ok. Not good though. So.........needless to say my night wasn't very long. I'm pretty tired.
Well, everyone have a great day!

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