Friday, April 18, 2008

Updated News On Larry

Nathan's Dad did not have a heart-attack like they thought. All his test came back clear. So that is wonderful!
Today is Friday!! Yes. Last day to babysit. I may be seeing my brother Troy tonight. He works for MacAllister's and is a diesel mechanic, but accasionally he drives a "shuttle" truck and delivers parts for them. He comes right past our exit, so tonight he plans to stop and have supper together!
Something wonderful happened Tuesday!! We finally got our unemployment pay!! All of it.......even for all the weeks he's been filing and hasn't gotten pay. It was quite a hunk all at once! We were soooooo happy that it's finally corrected and we are getting our weekly checks now!
The kids got to play outside yesterday, it was so beautiful! It looks the same today, so I'm excited. It's a break just to get out of the house with them!! Although I have to watch them like crazy cause there's a few places they can squeeze in between the fence.(need to get it completely child proof! Makes me mad I didn't pay that extra $2 for some fencing at a garage sale last summer.)
Well, may day will soon be begining once the kids wake up and Chloe arrives in all her glory! I'm still recovering from my dream last night. I shot up in bed last night thinking my bed and the house was rocking. It only last a few seconds though, and the pictures on the wall were still in place that I thought (dreamed) had fallen!! Kinda crazy!! .........have a good day!


Nathan and Tricia said...

My dearest - you weren't dreaming. :o) It was very, very real. LOL! Glad to hear Nathan's dad is okay!

Telesa's Tales said...

This is hilarious! I knew in the middle of the night that it felt just like an earthquake, but when it was just a few seconds and then you drift back to sleep....and i didn't listen to the news real early....i was confused! But you are right, I wasn't dreaming. It must have spread a lot of places. Did you guys have it bad? I heard IL.'s did. I was panicking when I shot up in bed and my bed was shaking! and Nathan was gone, too. Very crazy!! anyhow, hope you all have a great weekend!