Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy week!

So far this week has been pretty busy and probably getting busier! IT's been so nice outside that I've been doing things outdoors. Today me and the kids pulled a bunch of weeds at the church, which there's still more to do. After that Nathan needs to lay plastic down........which he should've done the 1st time around!! (can't tell them can you?!hee) But today was actually very warm. Spencer got so hot that he just starting fussing. I had to pack up and come home. I thought "What would it be like to live somewhere where the temp is always just "nice"?" In IN it's always TOO hot or TOO cold!!! So tomorrow we have more weeds to pull.
This weekend we have several things going on..........a bake/yard sale at our Christian School on Friday. Friday night is a concert at UBC. Saturday we have calling, getting the building ready for UBC choir on Sunday morning, and we are getting our van worked on this weekend. Our crazy fuel gage isn't working and is a real pain! You never know if the "low fuel" light is for real, which we've found out is not always low. Anyhow, it is nice to have people who can fix your vehicle for a nice price! It also needs something else done, too?.....but I'm not mechanically inclined!
If it crosses your mind, please pray for a special prayer request for a family in our church who is going through a very rough time right now. Especially the next few days/weeks. Very urgent!! We actually have a young boy staying with us this week at night, so pray for him too as he's with this family!
Well, everyone have a great rest of the week. I promise I will try to post some pictures!! Later.........

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