Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today was a good day, but very busy! We pulled the rest of the weeds at church. 3-4 trash bags full! It was a beautiful morning!! Then this afternoon I baked cookies for our Church School's Baked sale tomorrow. My house smelled good! And the kids loved "sampling"! And I went through the house this evening and took a load for the yard sale they are also having! I love getting rid of things we don't need laying around!! was a good day. About the pictures I put on tonight:
We finally got Savannah's toddler bed out again! It doesn't work having them in the same room. I've tried it off and on and they just wake each other up all night long. I will maybe try again soon since Spencer is now (just in the past few weeks) going to sleep ON HIS OWN and sleeping ALL NIGHT!! hee I feel like I've conquered the world of motherhood lately! (ok. not yet!) But for now, Savannah's in the kitchen. Poor girl!ha
It was very cute seeing Spencer "explore" the garage. He walked around everywhere in amazement at what all he could touch! The mower was extremely "neat" to him. And he made "motor running" sounds for Nathan's bike! It was pretty cute. He also can go down the little slide in our back yard--all by himself! Scares me to death!
Anyhow! Lot's going on this weekend. You all have a great evening!

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Constance said...

Glad you had a successful day. Hope you have a great weekend.