Monday, April 21, 2008

Beautiful Monday!

It was sooooooooo nice out today. The kids and I spent all afternoon outside. I was out a few hours while they took naps (cleaning my very dirty windows and doing yard work) and the kids played outside until supper, and then for awhile after dinner!! It was just a way too nice to be indoors. I just let the last 2 loads of laundry wait until another day! I'm learning this early in motherhood and I'm very glad. I'm training myself not to go crazy if some of the housework isn't just perfect. I drive myself nuts sometimes if all the toys aren't put away or if there's crumbs on the floor. I'm trying to do better though and to capture the moments of the day that I'll never have again. I don't want go 10 years down the road and not remember the special moments with my kids or regret not doing things together with them. I hear mothers say all too often,"If only I would've let that load of laundry go?" Or "I with I would've read more to them instead of sending them straight off to bed at night!" Anyhow. Not that I let my housework just pile up! No, like I said, I'm working on being too far to the "extreme"! There's a happy/medium in there somewhere! I know some mothers who are not good housekeepers and really don't care what there house looks like!!
Anyhow!! Enough of that. I love this time of Spring! The trees are budding out and the white bushes and trees are so pretty! I love having color back into life outside. I love flowers, but so far I've not gotten ahead of the chilly nights!
I finished reading "90-Minutes In Heaven" this weekend. It was a great book!
Today was a productive day. I got my windows cleaned. That was a must! We have a bad problem with mold at this house. I couldn't stand it no longer!..............I got the house all sprayed down with bug repellent. Inside and out. (hopefully the spiders will keep away a little better this season).................I got some leaves bagged up from the yard......................I done 3 loads of laundry..........I went through the kids closet and de-winterized it! Stored old clothes that they've out-grown......................So I feel like I've gotten somewhere for it to only be Monday. I love days like this!! I think it's the Beautiful weather!!
Well, everyone have a great week. Spend some extra time with your kids or hubby!! Just for the good of it!

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Constance said...

Hey, you are doing better than I am. I am pretty proud of you. TTYL