Sunday, March 9, 2008

This weekend was very nice. My parents came up Friday evening and didn't leave until this afternoon. Nathan's been down to his sister's, so it was nice to have some company and not have to spend 4 days all by my lonesome! Saturday mom and I went to get Spencer's one-yr.old picture taken. It turned out adorable, but it also took over 2 yrs. total! (at portrait innovations) You get your pictures before you leave. It was crazy in there. I'll have to see if I can post a picture! So that was how our weekend went. We had fun just doing things with the kids. Saturday night we just relaxed, read books and watched a home video of Christmas. The kids have grown so much in just a few months!
The kids are finally asleep. I put them in the same room together, which they have not been doing in a long time due to waking each other up all night long and ending in mother getting no sleep! So we shall see how long it last until one or 2 kids wake up crying mad at each other! I had spencer ready to sleep before and he gagged (or something) and ended up pouching all over the bed, on me, and on the floor. To top that off it was broccoli baby food!! Gagh!! That wasn't so pleasant, but ended with going ahead with bathtime. One less thing for morning time! The night ended pretty serenly though after that. Spencer got his way by getting rocked to sleep. (he's my spoiled baby) and Savannah got her story book time in! So we were good to go for a good night's sleep-----all night! Yeah right. Constance will know what I mean if she's reading this blog. Her little boy won't sleep the whole night either and we are also going through the same thing of getting them to stop nursing during the night withoug screaming at the top of their lungs in protest!! Oh well. I heard a lady of Dobson last week talking about how quickly the children will be gone and out of our hands. It made me realize I won't have forever to enjoy them being home , rocking them to sleep or reading betime books! I know I'll wish I had all these moments back again. Although at time it feels life will never go on and I'll never have a moment to myself again!!
Well, we have no snow on the ground. Other places, like down south got up to a foot of snow! We are lucky!
Church went really well today. Another good Sunday. I like Sundays! They are good days.
Well, you all have a great start to your week! Later!

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