Saturday, March 1, 2008

This week was full of activity!! It was a good week and I enjoyed it! Wednesday Mom came up and stayed until today. She helped with the kids a lot and stayed with them while we went places. Tuesday-Thursday was our church ministeral. Friday her and I went several places to get things done. And the other times, we just enjoyed the kids! Thursday night we had a couple girls stay the night and Nathan took them to the airport earlier the next morning. And Friday night we had my aunt and her family (2 kids) come and visit! That was very nice and fun. And today (Saturday) Nathan's mom and dad came up for a belated birthday party for Spencer!! And that was very nice to spend time with them. So.............our week has been filled with lots of fun times and seeing relatives. Something we don't get enough of!! At least we miss it a lot.
Our ministeral went really well. We had great services! UBC was there one night and they did an awesome job!! God was all over the service and everyone was rejoycing in the Lord! I'm glad he's still blessing the lives of young people that are serving him with all their hearts. That's what it's all about. The things of this world (material, money, fame, pride, the want of everything) will not bring happiness! And what does it really mean when God says to live a Holy life?? What does "holiness" really mean? For starters, he commanded us to love him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. If we love him about all those things, I guess that would mean above what "we" want in life, which is our own "things". And the other commandment was to Preach the Gospel unto Everyone!! That's hard to do when we are all tangled up with "ourselves". A good question to ask ourselves is: "What did I do today? What did I think about today? How did I act today? Where did I go today? What did I say today? What did I wear today?" Was it pure, of a good report, full of love, not quick to anger, right, worthy of praise, and honorable unto God? Wow! I think I'm getting as much help from this as anyone! I want my life to be Holy and acceptable unto God. When I think of a life of holiness unto God, I just think of what Heaven is like and how I need to live to be accepted there! Clean, pure, true, faithful, and sins that are washed away with the blood of Jesus Christ never to be remembered anymore! All we need to do is read Revelations and it'll make you (me) want to do everything we can to make it! Hope this encourages you as it has me just writing it! I wasn't planning on writing any of this, it just kinda happened! Maybe somebody needs this today? Don't know!
Anyhow..........back to blogging! That was your devotinoal for the day!hee
We had a good birthday party today for Spencer. We video taped singing and blowing the candles out! We had a homemade coconut cake to eat. And of course lots of coffee since Nathan's dad was here! He's a coffee addict!!ha
Well, so long for now. That's how our week went! How was yours? Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Constance said...

Wow Telesa, I think that you should be a preacher. I'm glad that Spencer had a good b-day party. That was nice that your mom was able to come and visit.