Monday, February 25, 2008

Today was a good Monday! After a busy week of babysitting last week, it was nice to have just my two kids today! And I actually got out of the house (to get groceries...hooray!) to go someplace besides church for about the last 2 weeks! And our sickness is finally past us! So today was a great way to start off the week!
Nathan's still laid off of work, but for the time being he will helping at our church's school and at Bro. Dodrill's car-lot. I am very thankful that he will have something to occupy his time. His spirits were already up today!! And he sold something over craigslist, which made his day. He had 4 people in line to buy his item!ha He was quite the salesmen today. He loves to buy/sale or trade anything, including junk! (what I call junk~!) Even if it gets him $20 bucks!! (family joke!)
My day consisted of: bathing kids, feeding kids, taking a little girl to the potty 100 times (she is doing SO great), grocery shopping, errands, doing extra house cleaning, cooking supper, laundry, coping with getting Spencer to take a bottle vs. nursing ( he protest at times), and being with Nathan. Oh! And giving lots of kisses because my kids seemed to fall and bump their head's a million times today! It must have been something in the air!
Well, that's all for this Monday evening! Everyone have a wonderful week!


Nathan and Tricia said...

I can sympathize with you (husband selling "junk". ha ha!!! Nathan loves it too - and as long as he is making money - I don't complain. hee hee!!!!!

Constance said...

Good to hear from you. I'm glad Nathan has something to keep him occupied for now. The hair cut looks good. We need to give Joshua a trim.