Monday, February 4, 2008

We had a good weekend! Friday Nathan was off work so we just took it easy as a family. IT snowed that day and pretty much stayed in the hosue. Nathan took some youth to a service and lock-in that night.
Saturday my brother Aaron and his wife Jill came to our house for the day. We had a nice day of going to town a few times, having dinner together and just hanging out!! I was nice to have someone around for the day!! The highlight of the day was going to Pet Smart and letting Savannah and Spencer see all the dogs. I guess on Saturdays they bring in a bunch of dogs to sell from the Humane Society, etc. There was dogs and cats everywhere! I thought Savannah would be scared, but she got right up to even the biggest dog. And it was so hilarious, because here she was right beside the girls who were there with the dogs-----just asking them 100 questions and laughing with them!! I needed my video camera right at that moment! Spencer was rather ingriged as well!! Savannah cried when we had to leave. She was having a blast!! But we did leave without a dog! Definitely! I'm not for animals in the house. Although I would have a cat in a heartbeat if it wasn't for Nathan being allergic!!hee
So that's how our weekend went! It always goes by a way too fast. This morning Nathan was back to work and the week has begun once again!! Nathan's truck is broke down at the moment (we are hoping it's not too serious, although there are several things it could be. Hopefully not the engine!), so I am without a vehicle during the day this week. It's not too big a deal since I'm normally home anyhow, but I do have moments where I just got to get out of the house!!! I'm not a book worm and I really don't like to sit still very long. I do scrapbook and that's something I like to do with my hands! And of course I can always get down and rowdy with my kids!!
Well, so long for now! You all have a dandy week!!

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Rachel said...

I hope Nathan can get his truck fixed this week. I'm sure Wayne will be over to help with a small $20.00 fee. (Ha! Ha!)