Friday, February 1, 2008

Just rambling!!

Today we had a little snow and it was icy outside. It was a good day to just stay inside, which we did. My husband normally doesn't work Fridays, so it was a good day to spend time together playing with the kids and just being together! It acutally seemed like a very long day! It can seem like that without being around any relatives, although I try not to complain. We have it very good right where we are! We are very blessed. We are all human though!
Nathan is gone tonight after taking a van load of teens to a revival service and a lock-in after that. So it's been me and the kiddo's again!! I don't take the kids to lock-in's! I would be doing myself more harm than good!! My husband loves being a teen all over again. He gets right in there with them!! I tell him he is so good with teens. I feel like he is 100% better at it than myself, even though my heart is right there with him! Having children takes you to a whole other level. You feel so helpless in so many ways (at least I do!) but yet my kids must come first.
So, the kiddo's have been asleep 2 couple hrs. now! I turn them in pretty early at night!! This is my relaxing time!! I've had my share of doritos and I'm getting my blog updated!! Not bad. hee
Tomorrow my brother and his wife are coming to spend the day with us!! That will be nice. I think I will make a brunch (breakfast burritos, etc.) and then me and Nathan's favorite shrimp (Jambalya) soup for supper!! They are on diets, so I have to be good with my cooking. No baking......bummer!! So long for tonight........................sleep well!!

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