Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Another Monday!

Today was one of those "days"!! The kids didn't get good naps and were hiper. Everything I touched seemed to hit the floor (including a bowl of milk). Also, Savannah was holding her plate out for something at dinner and must have though her daddy had hold of it, and "plop" goes her plate of food right on the floor. Thankfully it wasn't something extremely messy for clean up! So we had a great day with food!!
Another exciting thing about our day was the kids and me locked ourselves (accidently of course) out of the house. I always have the keys with me, but they were misplaced from Nathan driving (my!) van to church last night. I wanted to get a few groceries before nasty weather tomorrow and long behold I was locked out. I thought "What am I going to do now? Outside, it's cold! The neighbors are on vacation, no extra phone. It would have been a long 3-5 hours. before Nathan came home!! So my brain went to work. It's amazing how you can really think in desparation!! I remembered Nathan saying a credit card would sometimes work to get doors open. Thankfully my little library card did the trick within seconds!! I breathed a long, "Thank You Jesus," and was on my way!! So......that was another excitement to my day!
Nathan went to get the oil changed in his truck after work since it's so cold outside. He was quite frustrated when it took him almost 2 hours!!! Needless to say, Walmart is not even his favorite place to hang out! ha
Anyhow! Life is full of excitement!! We did have some good moments troughout the day, too. Savannah was up early this morning and she knows how to get out of her bed. I was lying in bed when I heard, "Mommy, get up"! It was quite the alarm clock. But very sweet. She crawled up in bed with me and we cuddled for awhile! She's very full of life!! And spencer, too. Oh yeah, Spencer discovered the dishes, etc. in the cabinet of my hutch. I was hearing strange noises like dishes banging together and sure enough! And one was broken. I am thankful he didn't get cut. He is fast than lightning and very quietly mischievious!! But my Sunshine!
Well, enough about our wonderful Monday. It's 9:18 and the kids have been asleep at least a half an hour! This is my favorite time of day, other than morning time, when the day is fresh and the kids are happy!!! So long............................

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