Monday, February 4, 2008

Sale Shopping!

The other day I went in to JCPenney and they had shoes 75% off with additional savings from that! They had all their winter dress boots (and shoes galore!) on sale. I've wanted a pair of black dress boots for a long time. I had them in my hand to buy, but on the way to the register I told myself I wasn't paying over 20 bucks. (I wasn't sure what all % it would be!) I think I humiliated my sister in law Jill (her and my brother were along) to no end when I told the cashier I didn't want them!! They were a hair over 20.00!!hee I never can think at times like those. I kinda get all flustered!! I told Jill that I played a "Becky"!! I'm sure if anyone knows my mom, you understand. I find myself pulling the exact same stunts. It's very scary!!ha Anyhow, (just like my mom would do) since then I've told myself I was crazy for not getting them. And after I was home I realized I had money I've been saving in the back of my purse ( another stunt my mom plays!) just for something special.
Needless to say tonight I told myself I was going back and getting those boots!! I did and I even found a cutter pair on sale!! 90.00 boots for 19.00! They also have lots of sweaters for 3.97, too. It felt good to let loose of that money!hee I just wish I could've saved Jill the embarrassment!!hee
So if you have a Penney's near you--------go get the bargains!! Getcha some fancy church shoes!!hee Or save them until next winter! So long for tonight all ya girls!!

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Nathan and Tricia said...

LOVE the story about the boots...that is so like your mother. But you know what they always say.....ha ha!!! Glad to see you developed a blog!!!!!