Saturday, February 9, 2008

Suffering In Sickness

This has been one misserable weekend for most of the Stevens family!! I came down with the "bug" around Wednesday. Wednesday night was ok. Thursday things were getting worse and Thursday night was very bad for me. Yesterday (friday) I was still very sick. But the worse part of it was Spencer started acting sick last night and even had a fever, so he was up a LOT through the night! And Savannah started caughing and she woke up with fever this morning not feeling good. So here I was not feeling like doing anything myself and having my kids come down sick, too. So needless to say today has been pretty rough. Savannah hasn't been near as bad as Spencer. I don't think she feels that great, but at least she still plays around and doesn't wine all the time. Boys are much more emotional when they are sick. It's the end of the world for them!! Anyhow. We spent most of the day just sitting around in rocking chair and trying to do anything I could to keep Spencer comfortable. I know how misserable he is feeling. My head felt like it could bust from pressure and pain!! Thankfully he did take a good 2-3 hr. nap this afternoon and me and Savannah crashed the whole time,t oo!! That was a lifesaver for me. I felt much better after that!!'s now 8:17, we've had supper. (thanks to my hubby who went to the grocery and got some chicken so I didn't have to cook) He helped me a lot today-----doing dishes, sweeping the floor, straitening the house, etc......I didn't even have to hint. He just knows when I'm really tired.
We are know just relaxing. Spencer is acting a little better at the moment. Savannah is enjoying the extra attention of me hanging out with them and is sitting by me giving me lots of kisses! She's so funny. She's done excellent on her potty training this week!! Congratulations Savannah!! She's told me when she has to go and everything. I'm very excited!! All week in panties and keeping them dry!! Yeah!!hee
Well, my husband came home from work yesterday saying he got laid-off from work. He knew it was coming and expecting it soon, so it wasn't a terrible tragedy! And he is supposed to get called back within a few weeks hopefully. I'm expecting longer than 2-3 weeks, but that's just the wife's "gut" feelings!! Things should go okay with him getting unemployment. He'll probably get a little bored being here all the time. Kinda a bad time of year to be stuck home when it's so cold, etc!! But I'm not complaining. I enjoy having him home. It will be a nice few weeks. The only bad thing is, when you're laid-off and not sure off your pay and etc., you don't feel like spending money. Which is kinda bad because that would be the perfect time for a little get-away!!hee We will just have a get'away right here at home!hee
I guess I should go for now. I'm thankful I'm feeling better at least! Still kinda weak though. We are definitely staying inside tomorrow with a high of 18!! Well, so long everyone!! Have a great Sunday!

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Rachel said...

Sorry you'll are so sick, hope you get feeling better real soon. Hang in there with the lay-off. Happy Birthday to Spencer this week since he will be 1. Love ya guys.