Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today we are staying in, since the kids are sick and I'm still caughing pretty badly! Nathan went to church though, since he is still healthy!!
Savannah is doing pretty well. Spencer isn't quite as fussy today (which I'm very thankful!) but he still is pretty sick with a bad cold. He has been taking a long nap!
I have to tell on Savannah! This morning she was awake as Nathan was leaving. Normally, he goes and picks up (Joyce) for church and then comes back by the house for the rest of the gang to go to church! While he is picking up Joyce is when the kids and I get ready for church! Well, this morning Daddy was telling Savannah that she wouldn't be going to church today. With that, he thought she "got" it and soon was on his way! Spencer and me was just getting up and Nathan had told her to be quite and let bubby sleep....etc. I come out of the bedroom (which was no longer than just a few minutes after Nathan left for church) to find her stripped of her clothes and helping herself to a nice warm bath!hee Meanwhile, I walked into her room and she had so nicely laid out a pretty little dress........that she would soon wear because that's what we normally do every Sunday, right?!! Oh and just like her Mother, she neatly had put her dirty clothes in the hamper before getting in the tub!! (Make that clear, because she doesn't get it from her Daddy!!) I thought the whole thing was pretty cute!! She was just being responsible and getting her little self all ready for church!! I had a pretty hard time trying to tell her we was't going today. I think she finally understood what sick meant though!! We don't lack for any cute stories to tell with Savannah in the house!! We love her to death!!


Nathan and Tricia said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better soon!!! I've had the same yucky stuff...not fun. That is just too cute about Savannah - she's growing up way to fast!

Constance said...

Hey I like your blog. I am trying to redo mine. It is a pain with dial-up internet. The kids are cute. Talk to you later.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that Savannah takes after her mommy and aunt with picking up her clothes because we all know how her daddy, your husband and my brother all pick up after himself. Maybe we should pay him $20.00 to pick up after himself. By the way Savannah looks so grown-up in the newest pictures on your blog, such a cutie.