Monday, February 18, 2008

Spencer turned a big "1" year old February the 13th!! I will post pic's later, although we didn't have a party yet. Kinda sad since we had such a big deal with Savannah's first birthday. He hasn't been quite as lucky! We will have a party for him though. As soon as we get together with family!! I just can't believe my baby boy is already one!! This year has flew by and he's growing up so quickly. He is getting quite a bit louder these past few days. Jibber-jabbering, shaking his head yes and no! He is almost walking, too! It's been nothing but fun having Spencer Daniel in our lives for the past year!!


About Us said...

It's so hard to believe Spencer is already a year old - seems like just a couple months ago I held him as a newborn.

Nathan and Tricia said...

Sorry...that first comment is from Nathan and Tricia - my blogspot seems to be giving me a little bit of a headache.