Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today was my Mama & Papa Snyder's "50th" Anniversary Open House this afternoon and a family meal at Knepp's Restaruant! It was such a great day. It turned out very pretty, yummy cake and a good turn-out of people! Lots of great memories for them. We took lots of pictures and I got the day on video, which will be a life-long treasure! I will post more pictures later.
Last night we took at fast planned camping trip to Glendale! Just the 4 of us! It was a fun fun, beautiful night. We loaded up the tent, I went to the store.....packed some clothes and away we went! The kids thought it was the neatest thing ever!!lol We sit by the campfire, they rode and rode their bikes......and they even did great in the tent. They slept like logs, and here I was afraid of them not sleeping. They slept much better than mommy and daddy!! We didn't take our air bed....and let me tell ya, we will regret it for the next few days. We barely slept at all!! I kinda forgot how uncomfortable the hard hard ground is. But anyhow! We had lots of fun and laughter and loaded up this morning to come home. It always feels to to get the smoke smell off and get a nice soapy hot shower!! I love camping, but not so much all the "creepy-crawlies" and dirt!!:)
Well, so long for now. That's a tidbit of our weekend. Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and excited for church! Last Sunday was a success...we had 57 for Friend's and Family Day!! And a wonderful meal. We had 3 new ones, which was a direct outcome of our calling day on Saturday!
Everyone have a great rest of the weekend~!

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