Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a beautiful day outside! Yesterday I did some yard work and loved every minute of it. I love working outside....almost more than inside which is a downfall in the summer! Although don't worry, the laundry does get done. Has to whether we want to or not, right?! I had to repot some plants that were growing too big. And then put a little mulch down. We need a few truck loads of mulch around here! The weeds are terrible and they say it's because the mulch is way too thin. It's a full time job trying to keep up with them, which is just about impossible:( Anyhow, and we also worked in our garden yesterday....down at Mama & Papa Snyders house. The kids love it. We had to get some weeding done. Everything is looking great though! Before long we will have tomatoes, squash, okra, carrots, cucumber, pepper, and hopefully some yummy watermelon later on!! After doing that I took the kids to the park for a little picnic. It was a beautiful morning for that!

So...that's our week so far. Of course Nathan's at work and always finds something to do when he gets home....even if I "have" to find him something.ha Last week he was pretty exhausted by the end of the week. Several guys were on vacation at work and they all had to work more than their share. He's very thankful for his job though, he's very fortunate for how it all worked out!! God is good!!

Our church is doing good! The past few Sunday's have been more encouraging for us! Our numbers have been up compaired to a few weeks there. It makes it more exciting when more people are there!! We pray things just continue to keep growing....we look at the future and hope for great things spiritually, finacially, and just bond together and win people for Him!!

Well, so much for now.....must go get something done. Although my washer's working for me at the moment. Wouldn't it be awesome to have 2-3 washers and get it all done more quickly. We could be like the Duggar Family and have multiple washers....but forbid THAT much laundry!!ha.......have a great day!!

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Tricia G. said...

Some days I would love to have three washers....seems like I do laundry all day and it's just for two of us!