Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow, it's been a while! I tend to get behide in the blogging world. Things have been busy, but going very well here in Loogootee! Savannah just had her 4th birthday on the 10th. I have one more year with her before school.....I cannot believe it!! Time flies.
Mother's Day was nice. On Saturday we went up north and surprised Nathan's Mom. She didn't know anything about it! So Nathan (along with us), Rachel and Jon and Aytha suprised her at a restaurant. Well, and of course Larry was there!! It was pretty funny to see her face:)
This past Saturday night we were invited out to the Line's house. ( a couple that have recently started attending our church) It was a really great evening of meeting new people. We met a few wonderful couples. There was an older couple there from Bicknel that Clearance met through trucking and while these people were broke down traveling. Needless to say, they are here in Bicknel now! But they were sooooo neat. So full of wisdom after raising 8 children, home-schooling them, and the mother nursing them!! She had a boat load of stories to share and she encouraged me so much. Her husband really encouraged Nathan with his words of wisdom! So I'm so glad we met them and I think God kinda put us there for that evening. On our way home we just said wow, that was like a great big blow of fresh air!!
Sunday was a good day at church, our crowds were up after the past couple Sundays!
Well, I must go for now!

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