Monday, April 13, 2009

We had a great Easter weekend with family. Nathan's parents were here. The kids had lots of fun with Grandpa & Grandma. It felt like the weekend just flew by with not enough time for visiting!:( Nathan's sister and family was here yesterday for church and Easter dinner. We had a good day!
We were thrilled to have a big crowd out for Easter Sunday morning! We had 78...our biggest yet! It was very nice seeing the church full of people and new faces. And our church people surprised us with a beautiful picture last night. It was very nice and we were talking about it last night when we got home of how nice that was and how great our church people are. We feel so much has been accomplished and can't wait for the days ahead!!
Savannah and Spencer got Easter baskets, which they thought was pretty neat!! They came down from their rooms yesterday morning and Grandma had them all arranged all nice and neat. Savannah's eyes lit up!! They got these monkey's that make noise, they are so cute:)
Well, so much for now. There's always work to do. Today it's laundry around here! blah! Tonight we are going to check up on an older man in the hospital...he's very bad off. .....Have a great Week!

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Tricia G. said...

So glad that you guys had a good Easter!!! The kids looked so cute! Make sure to have the pics developed for scrap night!!! :o)