Monday, December 8, 2008

An Update!!

Finally! I'm still using the library, but hopefully we will have out internet within the next couple weeks! It has been quite the ordeal getting new service. However, our move went really well. We moved into a beautiful house with lots more room than we have been used to, but we are adapting quite well!!:) 4 bedrooms, 2 baths....the house newly remodeled. The church people was there to welcome us that day and had worked on cleaning it all week long. The people have been more than kind to us here. We have already bonded and built relationships that we are excited to keep building!! We love the down-home, country atmosphere! Everyone is eager to fellowship and worship God together. We feel God is wanting to do a great work here at the church. They have been through some really really rough months but are seeing the light of day! We have been feeling God's presence in our services! Anyhow....more later. I will post pictures later. Savannah loves Junior church and getting up front every Sunday to sing with the kids!!:)
Nathan is on his second week at MacAllister's, where Troy and Aaron work. It has just worked out perfectly, with the perfect hours. He got the job the Monday after we moved, isn't God good?!
The kids are adjusting well. They love their new rooms upstairs!!
Well, I will post more later. I must get home to my babies!!

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