Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tonight I am missing my hubby:) He is in Kansas City tonight. He went with another man from work to pick up some vehicles. Probably ebay deals. They do a lot of that and make money on them. (he works at a car lot) So he won't be home until tomorrow evening. I didn't know he was going until around noon today!! So I am lonely tonight. But excited about going camping this weekend down in Washington. If everythings works out we will be camping all weekend with my brothers. It will be nice to just relax. Although I'm not sure if cooking over fires and sleeping in tents is relaxing?! I love the sound of bugs and the stillness of the night though. I love sleeping with my windows open at night. The sound of bugs and the cool a little bit of life!!
Kids are doing well. Took them to the park yesterday. They also have been eating watermelon and LOVE it! Even Spencer. And they also like apples. So that has been their "candy". Hey, if they don't know any better, that is their candy!
Sold another car today! I promise, we could open up a car business right in our front yard. That makes 2 cars we've sold in just a few days. Almost everything we sit out sells in just 1-3 days. Pretty cool.
Well, everyone have a great holiday weekend. Do something fun with the family:)!

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