Monday, May 12, 2008

We had a very busy weekend. Wednesday night my Mom and Dad came up to stay with the kids all day Thursday while Nathan and I went with our Christian day school to the Creation Museum for a field trip. There was a lot more people that went besides just school kids. We took UBC bus plus our own school bus. It was quite the crown waiting to get our tickets and actually get in the door! But it was well worth it! We were very impressed. Everyone said we would be and they were right. It wouldn't be for little kids, so I'm very thankful we left ours behind. It was soooooo nice getting to spend the day--just me and Nathan--to just enjoy it. We learned so much about Creation, even though we've been taught the Bible all our lives. There are so many facts, you could spend forever reading about it. There's so many facts about the flood especially! The detail to the museum is amazing. There were 3 different shows we watched along our tour that was very good, the last one about everything beyond the clouds! (our solar system, starts, planets, etc, etc. stuff that's a little too beyond my little brain!) It was really amazing though. It just blows your mind to think of it!! I also loved to facts about the Bible itself. They had one of the oldest Bibles ever found on display. A Greek Bible made of the finest sheep skin back then. It was very large. I thought that was really cool to see. The whole museum is based on the Bible and to prove the Bible is True! It definitely brings the Bible to life in your imagination!!
Friday I did things with Mom and Dad. We went shopping and also got some things ready for Saturday.
Saturday was Savannah's birthday party. Of course Mom and Dad was here and then Nathan's Mom and Dad came, and also Rachel, Wayne and Caleb. (Nathan's sister) We ended up going to the park since it was pretty nice out. A little on the chilly side, but not bad in the sun. So that day was full of cooking, etc. Savannah enjoyed her little party and especially everyone being here. She turned a big 3 years old!
Sunday was church. It was a good Mother's Day. I did have to cook........but didn't have to do the dishes. Thanks to Nathan's Dad and Nathan. More to Nathan's Dad cause Nathan wasn't too interested in doing them. (sorry, but true) I did get a very nice gift from my hubby and it's very beautiful. A painted glass candle holder from Yankee Candle. The candle also smells wonderful. (Sweet Strawberry, my fave!) It was just nice spending the day with family and of course my kids!
Today........I focused on resting! The kids and I slept in which we rarely get to do these days. Spencer has been a morning boy...up with the sun! Most days I like it that way, it gets me up and running. But I gave him a drink around 7:--, laid him back down and he slept until 10:30! He woke up much happier than the first time around, too! It was heavenly to get some extra, much needed sleep. Savannah's more the sleepy head. Always has been. It's not hard for her to sleep in.
Well, hope all is going well out there! Hope to hear from you'all! Have a great week!!

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Nathan and Tricia said...

The kids looked so cute on Mother's Day!!! I can't believe Savannah is already 3 years old. It's about time for you to have another one!!! :o) hee hee!