Thursday, May 15, 2008

This week has gone pretty good. Less busy than last so far. The kids are doing well. Just being silly as usual. They are tucked in bed at this time!
Nathan is gone on his motorcycle trip. They leave in the morning and head for TN, on their motorcycles. Saturday they will drive the Hill of The Dragon, which is deadly from the statistics. I'm extremely nervous about Nathan. He hasn't had a lot of experience with his new bike, since he bought it in the winter. And it's a big and fast bike. He loves it and I don't mind, but this trip makes me nervous. A bunch of buys are going so maybe they will be careful and drive slowly. Hope he gets home in one piece and not hurt! He was pretty excited about it though! We will miss him all weekend.
I think Mom and Dad are coming up again. I was going to go to their house since I will be here all alone, but our van needs some work done to it before we take it too far. The intake gasket needs replaced as it is leaking, therefore it wants to overheat easily. So anyhow! We are going yard-saleing Saturday morning! There are lots of community sales that day! Yipee, bargains!! I'm sure that will ge a fun day.
Well, I found out another thing Spencer likes to eat tonight....Ramen Noodles! Hee I never had them hardly, but tonight we were eating them and he literally swallowed them whole! Ha It was pretty funny. I like Ramen Noodles myself though, as weird as that is.:) He also had some M&M's and he had them all over his face and hands! Oh, how fun having kids can be.........
Hope you all are having a great week. Hope your weekend goes well. Later.....


Constance said...

I loved the creation museum pics. Can't wait for when we go. Talk to you soon.

Rachel said...

We took a couple of pictures of Nathan when he arrived at the house because unfortunately for him he rode in the rain the entire time. When he got off his bike, so much water poured off of him, it was like someone had dumped a bucket over his head. Bear was going to loan him a rain suit just in case they were to hit rain on the way down to TN. The guys have finally made it to TN and the plan is to ride the Tail of the Dragon today. They were meeting up with about 7 other guys down there. What a group.

Rachel said...

I've put some details about the trip on my blog. They are having trouble with phone service down there as well, Wayne's phone is only working in certain areas.

Telesa said...

Hello Telesa

Thanks for the kind response. I was also named after a friend of my mother's named Telesa, although I think she spelled it differently.

Your family is adorable! I was reading your blog and just have to say that I love going to garage sales too!

You are right about people getting our name confused. Every time I meet someone new I usually have to repeat my name about three times until they get it right, it probably doesn't help that I am pretty soft spoken. I also get called Teresa a lot (so often that I don't like the name much).

If you are interested, I pasted a link below of what I look like. I am holding my cousin-in-law. :)

pic of me

If you want to stay in touch my email is telesajoy (at) gmail (dot) com.

take care!