Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weedly update!

Last Wednesday night we went to Nathan's parents to stay through the weekend. We came home last night, which was Saturday. We went to his Aunt's house in Carmel, IN for an Easter dinner with the family. It was very nice. We got home ealier in the evening, which was nice to get unpacked and a few things done for today. We had a goot time away for a few days though.
Today has been a great day. (although it's only 3:00!) This morning we go the kids all dressed up for Easter Sunday! I will post pic's later. Savannah looked so cute with her hair curled and her little accessories!(white gloves and a purse) Spencer was just dressed in the usual suit and tie. Which by the way----I hate dressing my little guy in such terribly uncomfortable attire. I feel for him and tonight he's wearing normal clothes to church!!hee Normal being something that's actually comfortable!!
I made a homemade chocolate pie for dinner. It was pretty yummy. Lots better than a "fake" pudding pie! And I happen to be a chocolate lover.
I am very tired after the long week/weekend. It's relaxing, but also wears you out at the same time. Spencer was pretty fussy all weekend (his cutting teeth plus has a cold) so that wore me out. Savannah and me laid down to take a nap and just as I was almost to sleep Spencer woke up and nap was history. The way it always goes!! I guess I'll just remain tired. Thus is the life with little children. They say it goes by pretty quickly though so I try my best to enjoy it!!
Well, everyone have a great start to your week! And Happy Easter!


Leah said...

I remember those days. It does go by quickly. Now, I'd love to have those days back again. Although, every stage has been wonderful. I remember attending your Mom's baby shower for you and Troy. That really makes me feel old!

Nathan and Tricia said...

The kids looked so adorable this morning!!! Thanks for the picture of Spencer - I'm going to hang it on my freezer with the rest of them! :o)

Anonymous said...


The little ones look very nice, thanks for sharing the pictures. I remember how it felt to get my two little boys dressed up in their little suits and ties, it was very fussy. Anyway, I am glad you had a nice Easter, we enjoyed having your family , Rachel and Caleb home. Love YA, MOM