Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spencer started preschool this week. He is loving it and already learning. He has the best preschool teacher ever. She is amazing.
Savannah is doing great in 1st grade with her teacher. She gets up every morning with her own alarm clock. I really want my kids to learn responsibility in that way. She is growing up so so fast:(
Miss Selah...:) She is my little spunky side kick. She has a streak about her the others didn't have. Mostly, I think it's that survival mode she's had to create to survive her older siblings! Besides spunky, she lights up my day with her shiny blonde hair and blue eyes with that sweetest smile.
We are doing well here in Loogootee, with our church doing good. We will be here 3years in November. It's hard to believe. We love our life here. We may not be growing leaps and bounds and there's plenty of hard times along the way trying to raise a family and pastor....and do it all at one time! But....faithfulness is key and we know if we are where God wants us to be, that's where life will be best:)
Nathan keeps plenty busy working 40+ hrs, pastoring, keeping the lawn mowed, vehicles maintained, being a Daddy and husband...and whatever else needs done! He does a good job at it.
The one thing I learned today: We as Mothers tend to look for ways to fulfill our need to contribute to society through 'doing this or that, etc' when we have the most important job on this earth! Being a Mother! It requires 24/7 involvement in their lives. Just pray I can be a good one.

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