Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow! Times flies when you are busy:) Our little world of a growing family is going quite well! Selah is 7 wks. today, and growing like crazy.....she now weighs 11 lbs! Chubby little girl. Cute as a button. She's given us so much to love already! We love her to death and she gets a lot of attention. She goes through a lot of excitement!
My days are spent doing all the mommy feels like a repeat most days but there's excitement in between! Never a dull moment that's for sure. You never know what will happen next whether it's gonna be Spencer "washing his dirty feet" in the bathroom sink that is full to the brim, or Savannah asking "why, why ,why" over EVERYTHING.....or.....Selah that potty's all over mommy when I'm already trying to get rid of a dirty diaper~! It's a lot to handle! But I try to stay calm in the middle of it all. I guess I'm living my dream and just forget that at times. I stop and tell myself, this is the best life could give me. I have it all and am content. I have a great husband who loves us all so much. He does a pretty good job taking care of his little peeps:)
Church is going great. There's the high and low times, the financial worries and the list goes on but through it all there's a purpose for our little church. We know God has his hand on us.
So much from this tired Momma tonight. I know I've been lacking in the blogging world. I guess facebook kinda takes over.

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