Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Isn't this a beautiful picture?! I love it. It looks like true health to me~! Forget Mickey D's hamburgers, this is what the body was intended to eat and it's delicious. I thought it was pretty though.....even though my kids do get Mickey D's every once in a while:)

Nathan was so nice to brake the beans for me to and wash all the produce up! Thanks babe.....little things like that help so much.

Labor Day we went to Steve and Marlas house (aunt and uncle). The kids had a blast playing on April's toys! They probably drive the bigger kids crazy though......Tyler said "It's wearing me out looking after the little kids"! I think they were pretty good sports though.

Seems like it's been one thing after another for us lately. Nathan's looking for another truck.....we think his has seen much better days:) He has wisdom teeth that he's scheduled to get out soon....yipee, no dental insurance. A few weeks ago I went to open my van trunk and a plastic peice just fell off so now it no longer opens and finding that part could be real fun or real pricey to get fixed......so, when it rains it poors as they say! But all is well and such is life~!

On a much happier note, our pregnancy is going well. Had an ultrasound last week and baby is doing great, which is now 14 weeks. My sickness has pretty much subsided, although like this morning.....it's not over yet:) I just can't believe how time is flying......it'll be Christmas, then a new baby!! Very exciting, but I already know my hands will be very full. Just hope I get a boost of energy before then.

All for now...I have a little man up from his way too-short nap:(

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