Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Monday!

"The Lord Has Make EVERYTHING beautiful in His Own Time"!! What a beautiful day. I love this crisp, cool mornings. You don't even feel the urge to sleep's just too nice to waste the great day!!

Our days have been busy lately. I have been babysitting Phoenix, a little grandaughter to a couple at our church who's 9 months. She's a doll and the best little girl I could ever watch. All I have to do is lay her down with her bottle and asleep she goes!:) She's also very happy when she's awake. But that's been keeping me busy, I've had her pretty much every day lately. Her mommy has gone back to do some college classes. And hopefully my family can be a witness to her since she doesn't come to church!!

So, today is babysitting again here soon. Savannah has been going to preschool and LOVES it!! And is learning too. It's a great program and awesome teacher!

Our services went well yesterday! We are having a revival in October so our church is getting excited for a special occasion.

Spencer has been a little spit-fire since I've been babysitting, plus Savannah being gone to preschool. He's been throwing his little fits and all.......which isn't going over too well with this momma.:) He's a sweetie though.

Well, just a few tid-bits~~~~~ Better run for now.

PS. Hope my Bestest Friend Patricia had a great birthday!!!:)

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Tricia G. said...

Awww!!! Thanks Bert!