Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a hot week!! Thankfully I think it's going to cool down a notch this coming week. My kids are excited since they now have Tyler and Katelyn's older pool......with a built in slide:) Wonderful what will make little ones happy....just not looking forward to the teen yrs.
We had a little get together at my Aunt Kathy's today. Mixture of Father's Day dinner and birthday dinners I think. Kathy made homemade apple dumplings and homemade ice cream! Yum. Troy cooked chicken over the fire which was perfect! They have a very nice home and church there in Bloomington!
Church is going well! The last few Sunday's have been a little lower crowds, but some of the other one's can't get out with this terribly hot weather. We are encouraged anyhow!! The lightening got our projector screen recently....which we are getting fixed. It also got our home computer....yes, our nicer one:( Thankfully this one we found at Dinky's (and auction around here) for real cheap and it work's great!
The latest news is Spencer is doing great pottying! I'm so excited. This week he's been just training himself more less. I haven't even tried. He's went off and on before, but this week he's just caught on and hasn't made any accidents going on 3 days now!! I'm soooooooo happy! Can't believe it's going this easy for me. Thank you Lord!!!~ Of course Savannah helps him... "Don't you DARE potty in your pants, you hear me?" ha It's acutally quite funny. Poor guy takes it seriously! And I don't dicipline for accidents. I've heard of that, but to me it seems too mean. I can see if they're 4 yrs old and know completely better!
Last weekend I was in my friend Kristin Lynn's wedding, from Plainfield church. Very sweet girl and so glad to be a part of her special day!!
Well, so long for now! ~~~~~~~~

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