Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday we got things tidied around the house so we could enjoy our day Saturday on our motorcycle ride with some people from church and we also made some new friends with the other riders! So Friday was a day of getting junior church ready, cleaning, laundry (which I always have)...Nathan had yard work to get done, he also sold his old bike that night (which I was extremely happy:)! Thrusday my aunt mim and I extensively cleaned the church.....almost 5 hrs. worth! We were pretty pooped after that. There were some pretty dirty hiden corners that needed some attention. I also spent several hours organizing the sunday school rooms. So we left that afternoon feeling much better about life!:)ha
Anyhow. Saturday we took a motorcycle ride down to Owensboro KY. I don't think I was quite braced for it, this was my first longer ride. My back and neck hurt so bad by the time it was over. My muscles were not used to the strain of riding and going against the wind like that. But we had a very good day. It was very beautiful.
We had a great day at church today. Several missing, but understandable with graduation time, etc! We are planning our yard-sale, baked sale and also saling meals that a couple from church are preparing for us. Clearance Line and his wife Brenda have a huge smoker they are bringing and smoking chicken, pork, steak and also making sides to put meals together to sell. And I have to say they are experts at doing this! They could definitely go around to events doing this, so anyone reading needs to come just to buy ya a meal!! And did I mention a baked sale too? yeah, so I think we got it covered! We are advertising in the paper and going to put signs around town, etc! Hoping for the best.
Well, so much for now. Looks like our week is planned out for us! Our church camp (the denomination we are with) is on this week but doesn't look like we'll get there this year!:( Next week I have to go back to be in a wedding in Plainfield. One of our youth we helped get in to church is getting married! They are still very dear to us so we are excited.
Anyhow.....have a great week!

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