Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life is going great here in Loogootee! Last Friday night our youth went camping and they had lots of fun! We went on a hayride which was quite the adventure:) It was nice spending time with them. And the little ones that were there had a blast playing with the little was so funny watching them laugh when they jumped away!
Our church is doing great! We grow closer to our people more and more. Junior church is going....hopefully ok! I don't feel very good at it and I'm definitely not a very creative person but I'm trying to find new things that will be fun for them. I wish so bad I had a huge imagination of creativity...only in my second life I guess! But I do love the kids and hope God can use something I say or do! We hope to have VBS later in the summer.
Savannah turned 4 on the 10th. Can't believe it. She's getting pretty big! Literally. She's already weighs more than I did at probably 8-9 yrs. old! no kidding. But she's a sweetheart and I love her to death!
Spencer is as crazy as ever...everyone says he looks just like Aaron or my dad?? He's turning in to a little more fisty here lately. I feel like all I've done this week is hand out spankings. And yes, I say hand-out! Because I've made my mind up...that's your reward for fits, backtalk, if you act bad in the store, for not immediately doing what I say and ignoring me.......ummm anything else I missed?? Whew...someone should have told me it was hard. ha Recently they've really tried me and I'm to the point I have to "nip it in the bud" as my hubby tells me will be the only thing to work!:) It's kinda hard on the nerves though. But there are better moments too. More so than the bad. I made it sounds bad! They are very fun to have around and it's a joy to train them.
My hubby has been keeping busy. With work, church, things to do places to go and family time....he keeps himself quite busy. I'm proud of him though. He hold it all together pretty well. We are very happy with our lives here.
Well, bed time around this household. Too late! But Bonita said she looks on my blog a lot......which makes me sad because I forget to update! I'll try harder Bonita! I know my Mother-in-law would love for me to update pic's a little more often too~~!

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