Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a pretty day! Yesterday was even nice though. The kids played out all afternoon, until they were filthy. We have quite a lot of sand for them to discover!! Nathan is going to plant grass seed in the back yard where there was a pool. Right now its a sand circle! I guess I'm picky, but I do not like the hastle of sand tracking in the house. It even gets in their hair!! Anyhow! They had a blast, and we also went for a walk in the evening.
Everything is going well. Just keeping busy with life! Our church is doing great. We are growing and there is a spirit of happiness in the air. Our largest number yet has been 64, and we were thrilled! This Sunday night we are having a special group come and sing.
Well, I will update later! Todays piano lesson day, plus church tonight!

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