Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Monday!

My blogging world may be on hold here shortly. Our internet will be cancelled while we are moving, which may take a while to get running again. So I will update for now! We are taking a church in Loogootee, IN.! And yes, we are very excited about this!! We feel God has completely opened the doors for us! The church people are so very friendly and open, we are very excited to be a part of their congregation! We hope and pray God used us somehow, even though we feel like a couple teenagers with no experience!! Anyhow, we may be moving rather soon....thus my days have been filled with packing and more packing, all while watching kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning, doing some painting repairs, etc...It's all very exciting. I'm trying to stay calm since I am babysitting this week as well, which is my last week with Chloe! She's a cute little girl that I hate to see go to daycare. Her daddy really hates seeing me move. Her mother and daddy are not married and are separated, but her dad takes good care of her and wants the best for her. I pray she'll have a good babysitter to go to! But needless to say, I have 3 little munhkins running around making messes while I'm trying to box it all up!!hee These are fun, fun times! I'll taking lots of pictures. So..........we are feeling so blessed by God. He's completely answered our prayers in leading us when we didn't know His will. He works in ways we never ask or think. The church has young people that need lots of love and friendship, as well as the whole church!
Well, I need to be off! Nathan is away job hunting! I just had to take a couple minutes to update. I will finish my tax-updating, then it's off to make lunch and put kids to bed.....:)

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